Virtual Academy

The Virtual Academy is an online school program for highly gifted students. It provides innovative and advanced curricula with local, national and global perspectives, beyond the scope of the regular classroom, allowing gifted students to learn with autonomy and to engage with intellectual peers.

The academy cohort comprises identified students in Stages 3 and 4 from Gifted Education Lead Schools in the diocese.

Students work on extended or advanced curriculum outcomes in place of part of their regular class work.

Individual planning meetings:

During this meeting parent/s, students and staff will discuss:

  • Hours per week in the Virtual Academy course
  • Links to class work
  • Location

Opportunities for communication

Students will have many opportunities to communicate about their learning:

  • Online tools
  • Virtual Academy Educators visiting schools
  • Group interactions

MNLearn and OneNote

MNLearn and OneNote are the central locations for students to access course content, general announcements and other important information about the Virtual Academy.